Octapharma Letter on Inventory During COVID-19

Industry News
The following is a letter provided by Octapharma.

“As we all manage the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, Octapharma USA would like to remind you of our commitment to providing our customers life-saving therapies, manufactured to the highest standards of viral clearance and safety. 
Our staff continues to focus on maintaining production of all of our medicines, and we currently have ample inventories that will support continued service to our customers. We will closely monitor all environmental factors that impact supply and we will communicate further as we move through this difficult period. 
If you are a patient or caregiver and have questions, please feel free to contact the Octapharma Support Center directly at (800) 554-4440 or email us at USCustomerService@octapharma.com. In addition, US Healthcare Professionals with questions may contact Octapharma Medical Affairs at (888) 429-4535 or by email at USMedicalAffairs@octapharma.com.”