HFA's Blood Brother Is Your Toolkit.

Blood Brotherhood was established in 2006 to empower adult men diagnosed and living with bleeding disorders by creating a network of men who educate, support, and challenge each other as they strive to live healthier lives. Blood Brothers can get involved via HFA’s national and local efforts including attending local Blood Brotherhood sessions at participating HFA Member Organizations, joining the conversation on the Blood Brotherhood Online Forum, learning from HFA’s educational webinars, and attending HFA’s National Educational Symposium to meet Blood Brothers from across the country!

Why Should I Get Involved with Blood Brotherhood?

Men who have the opportunity to talk with others experiencing similar challenges and journeys are better able to manage their bleeding disorder, cope with life stress, and have better health outcomes.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Blood Brothers are saying:

“It is the best pill in my bag, the best friends I could have, the healthiest thing to come my way in a while.” 

“At Blood Brotherhood sessions, there is so much expertise in the room. Very helpful to learn from fellow Blood Brothers.”

“This program has become a huge positive influence in my life. We as men with hemophilia need this.”

“Blood Brotherhood helped me get rid of a lot of stress and bond with my fellow hemophiliacs. It’s a great support group!”

“My Blood Brothers are an extension of my family. The Blood Brotherhood Online Forum is a meeting place where I read, listen, and share my thoughts freely and without bias.”

Beyond Blood Brotherhood

Blood Brothers who regularly participate in physical activities have stronger bodies and less frequent bleeds. FitFactor is a tool for Blood Brothers to gain knowledge about nutrition, wellness, and how to adapt physical activities for every level of mobility.

Who better to advocate for issues facing men with bleeding disorders, than Blood Brothers themselves? Join our advocacy efforts today!

Blood Brotherhood Photos

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