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Helping Hands

HFA provides assistance with urgent basic living expenses, medically necessary items, plus medical travel and educational support for people with inhibitors

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Living with a bleeding disorder can be a great financial burden between expensive treatments, health insurance costs, travel expenses to specialty medical appointments, and necessary medical equipment.

Additionally, managing a bleeding disorder can provide unforeseen crises including hospitalizations that can cause missed wages from work. With these added costs and potential emergencies, families may find themselves having difficulty affording basic living expenses or other necessary medical items not covered by insurance. 聽But you don鈥檛 have to face this burden alone.

HFA鈥檚 Helping Hands Program is here for you. Helping Hands provides assistance with urgent basic living expenses; the cost of medically recommended items; and medical travel, educational support, and fitness support for individuals affected by inhibitors.

If the household financial need is primarily due to COVID-19, please refer to the HFA COVID-19 Relief Fund program.

Consult this chart to find out about the core Helping Hands programs, then use the blue buttons above to navigate to a specific financial assistance program for more details.

Need additional or different assistance now? Consult our Patient Assistance Portal.

Need help moving forward into a more sustainable future? Consult the employment and career planning resources on the Helping Forward page and register to be part of the Helping Forward Network!聽Helping Forward聽empowers community members to move forward from crisis into a sustainable future through career planning and financial management.

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