Painting a Picture in the States: State Legislative Action in 2010

By Kim Bernstein and Michelle Pascucci
State legislative sessions will end quicker than they began, however the bleeding disorder community has been instrumental and supportive of a number of bills being introduced around the country. Bleeding disorder community members are actively advocating for legislation that directly impacts the community. Advocates are supporting affordable, quality care and standards of care legislation. The following are examples of legislation that has been introduced within state legislatures around the country.
Nebraska Senator Abbie Cornett introduced Legislative Bill (LB) 1017 to provide requirements for insurers for prescription drug coverage and LB 1088, the Physicians and Patient Prescription Protection Act. A bleeding disorders community member testified before the legislature regarding the importance of capping out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications. Nebraska is the only unicameral legislature in the country, which means the bill must pass through only one legislative body.
Hawaii introduced House Bill 2461, a bill relating to health insurance and Senate Bill 2494. These bills require health insurers to offer the same drug coverage that an insured received under the individual’s previous plan. As of March 3, 2010, each bill went through Health Committee in both chambers.
The Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder of Alabama is actively seeking passage of House Bill (HB) 420, a standards of care bill.
The Delaware Valley Chapter of NHF and the Western PA Chapter of the NHF in Pennsylvania are actively advocating for passage of House Bill (HB) 620, a standards of care bill. HB 620 passed in the House in 2009, and must pass in the Senate during the 2010 legislative session.
For the last several years, bleeding disorder community members in Missouri have been committed to working with their state legislatures to pass House Bill (HB) 1525. HB 1525 was introduced in the current 2010 session. If passed, it will establish a standard of care for people with bleeding disorders throughout the state.
The Florida State Legislature has introduced Senate Bill 516 and House Bill 275. If passed, these bills would prevent health insurance plans limiting choice or access to prescription drug coverage.
TAKE ACTION in your state and become involved in state legislative efforts that impact the bleeding disorder community. To find out the dates of your state’s legislative session please visit: