“We believe grassroots grow in local communities. HFA is here to help you build that foundation by providing strong programs and services to your families living with a bleeding disorder. This success comes via a strong partnership between HFA and you!”

— Kimberly Haugstad, HFA Executive Director, 2019


We consider our work with our Member Organizations a true win-win partnership. Through your work with us, you are able to stretch to reach more of your direct community families. Through our work with you, we enhance our mission to assist and advocate

As Grassroots CBOs (Community Based Organizations), our common focus is a high-touch to our 42 member organization’s and to all those living with a bleeding disorder.

HFA’s mission is to assist and advocate for the bleeding disorders community.

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HFA’s Bylaw’s Article聽2: PURPOSE

HFA is, and its purpose shall be, for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes as allowed by state and federal law, including particularly, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Provide LEADERSHIP in monitoring, evaluating, and responding to the actions of government, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and health care providers.
  2. Champion the ongoing ETHICAL聽RESPONSIBILITY of community, government, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and health care providers
  3. Improve AWARENESS AND EDUCATION of bleeding disorders and related medical conditions and ensure a safe blood supply.
  4. Advance community and public DIALOGUE AND ACTION regarding the needs of people with bleeding disorders.
  5. Foster active COLLABORATION with other organizations that share similar goals.
  6. Deliver QUALITY PROGRAMS directly through its members.

HFA’s Bylaw’s聽Article 3: MEMBERSHIP


A. 聽 MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS: A member organization is a group of 10 or more affiliated individuals who have a mission statement and an adopted set of goals and objectives that are consistent with those of HFA. Ultimate determination of admission as a member organization of HFA is reserved to and solely within the discretion of the Board of Directors of HFA.

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