Pfizer Hemophilia: The Way You Log Is About To Change

Pfizer Hemophilia is excited to announce the launch of its first mobile logging tool, HemMobile™, a free mobile app designed to help hemophilia patients and caregivers using any factor replacement product log infusions and bleeds and stay aware of general health and wellness.
Developed with input from members of the bleeding disorders community, HemMobile™ was officially introduced at the recent National Hemophilia Foundation Annual Meeting in Orlando.  HemMobile™ is currently available on an iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or iPad®. To download, visit the iTunes store from your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or iPad®.
HemMobile™ can be password protected, and Pfizer will not collect any personal information unless users decide to enroll in Hemophilia Village, which means users have control over what information they share and with whom they share it. HemMobile™ gives users the option of backing up their information via iCloud® for easy retrieval.
HemMobile™ users can record the date, time, location, and reason for every infusion regardless of what factor is used. Users can also add notes related to each log, as well as photos to each bleed log entry.  HemMobile™ allows users to view infusion and bleed log history and send reports of this history to their care team. Pfizer factor users can capture the lot number, product expiration date and IU amount with their device camera for added convenience.
HemMobile™ allows users to set private reminders for infusions, doctors’ appointments and factor re-ordering. Users can also create unique patient profiles for themselves and/or patients with hemophilia in their care.
We hope that you are as excited as we are about the launch of HemMobile™. We are proud to have worked with you in support of the changing needs of those living with hemophilia. If you have an advertising opportunity for Pfizer to purchase for our latest chapter ad or 300-word article announcing the availability of HemMobile™, please contact your local Pfizer Hemophilia sales representative.
For more information on HemMobile™ and to learn more about the Pfizer’s commitment to the hemophilia community, visit us at For the latest news from Pfizer Hemophilia, please join Our Hemophilia Community on Facebook.