Phase IV Study Results for Once-weekly BeneFIX

Adding to the growing body of published data on treatment paradigms in hemophilia B, the January edition of Haemophilia published data from a multicenter, randomized, cross-over Phase IV study demonstrating that secondary prophylaxis using once-weekly 100 IU/kg BeneFIX® Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant) provided a similar efficacy and safety profile compared with twice-weekly prophylaxis at 50 IU/kg. The study, which is available of the Haemophilia website, also showed that both prophylaxis regimens significantly reduced annualized bleeding rates (ABR) by 89.4 percent (P < 0.0001) relative to on-demand treatment in patients with severe hemophilia B.
Additional research into the benefits of prophylaxis and the evaluation of reduced frequency dosing regimens will help physicians make more informed and evidence-based treatment decisions for the thousands of patients with this life-long condition.
The full study can be accessed HERE.