Prescription Benefit Program Changes for Recombinant Clotting Factor Product

It has come to our attention that Helixate FS, a recombinant clotting factor product sold and distributed by CSL Behring, is being removed from prescription benefit programs for a limited number of patients using CVS/Caremark effective January 1, 2017. Patients currently using Helixate FS who have the “Advanced Control Formulary” plan with CVS/Caremark will have the option of switching products or paying for the drug out of pocket.

What Should Consumers Do?

  • Carefully check your health insurance’s plan and formulary list to ensure your clotting factor product is covered.
  • Talk with your treatment team to determine if a clotting factor product switch is necessary for you.
  • Research the different product options available to you and make a decision for which product to used based on what’s medically best for you and what is covered by your insurance plan.

Bayer and CSL Behring have prepared statements to the bleeding disorders community. To read them in full click below: