Press Release: HFA Elects New Executive Board During Symposium

HFA Elects New Executive Board During Symposium


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Washington, D.C. – During their recent annual Symposium in Santa Clara, California, the Hemophilia Federation of America’s (HFA) Board of Directors named Matthew T. Compton as the new board president of the national grassroots community based organization. Matthew is an active national leader in the bleeding disorder community and was elected after serving the organization as Vice President since 2009.
“I am honored to be elected as HFA President and look forward to working together with our member organization’s, to create a better quality of life for all persons with bleeding disorders,” said Compton.
Also elected at the meeting include: 1st Vice President, Tracy Cleghorn, member of the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation; 2nd Vice President, Ryan Crowe, member of the Texas Central Hemophilia Association; Treasurer, Carlos Ruiz, independent member from Georgia; Secretary, Lori Long, member from Sangre de Oro Hemophilia Foundation of New Mexico; Members at Large, Matthew Igelman, member of the Hemophilia Foundation of North Carolina and Steve Tejiram, member of the Hemophilia Association of Florida.
HFA also recognized the following board members who transitioned off the board for their commitment, hard work, and service:
Paul Brayshaw, President from 2009-2012, Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Chad Stevens, President from 2007-2009, Snake River Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Association
Brian Compton, Lone Star Hemophilia Chapter
Dan Tinklenberg, Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota/Dakotas
Lesa Kaercher, Bleeding Disorders Association of the Southern Tier
Sandra Lilly, Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation
James Dawdy, Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon
Stanford Murry, Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Foundation


Hemophilia Federation of America is a national 501(c) (3) organization consisting of more than 30 member organizations and numerous individual members who offer assistance and grassroots advocacy education on behalf of the bleeding disorders community. Incorporated in 1994, the (delete) HFA provides programs and services to improve the quality of life for persons with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease (VWD) and other rare bleeding disorders.

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