Symposium 2013 Gets Kids Cooking Healthy

HFA’s Symposium provides an opportunity for children with bleeding disorders and their siblings to come together for fun and play.  There is also opportunity for the FitFactor team to provide education and fun regarding healthy eating kids cooking at Symposium 2013and physical activity.  At this year’s Symposium each family of a 5-12 year old was given a complimentary copy of the Special HFA Edition of the Super Snacks for Super Kids cookbook.  We also brought in nutritionist and yoga instructor, Barbara Capasso, who joined the kids and shared some information on the benefits of eating healthy foods.  She shared with them what vitamins and minerals are especially important to people with a bleeding disorder and what types of foods contain these nutrients.  Barbara also did a demonstration of one of the recipes from the cookbook and had the kids make their own to eat for their snack.  All of the kids (aged 5-12) participated and most of them tried their creations (some of them saved them for mom or dad to try.)  They were pleasantly surprised at how delicious something so good for them tasted!
See for yourself how simple and delicious eating healthy can be.
Vegetable Wraps
Ingredients:veggie wrap
1 large collard green leaf or any large leafy green
1/3 C. cream cheese, hummus or any type of nut butter
Mango slices
Carrot slices
Cucumber, bell peppers, squash or any favorite veggie you would like to add.
Remove the thick center vein from the leaf, leaving just the soft leafy green.
Top the leaf with the chosen spread.
Layer on the mango slices, carrot and other chosen sliced vegetables.
Roll up each leaf like a burrito.