Back to School

Sending your child with a bleeding disorder to school can be an overwhelming experience. Below are tools intended to help you educate the educators and relieve some stress and worry.

Back to school

Helpful Downloads

Use our document to help educate your child or teen’s school nurses, teachers, and/or teacher’s assistants on your child/teen’s bleeding disorder.

Back to School with Dr. Juliana Bloom

Join the Dr. Bloom as she discusses building successful transitions back to school. She shares strategies for re-engaging the entire family as children head back to school (or to school for the first time).

Dr. Bloom includes tips on setting schedules, creating successful transitions from summer to school, and communicating effectively with kids about the shift in expectations and roles.

Early Ages & Stages with Dr. Juliana Bloom

Dr. Bloom helps parents better understand what they can expect behaviorally and emotionally throughout the early years of childhood. She covers topics such as:

  • when a child can start to self-infuse from a behavioral standpoint, not just a medical standpoint
  • how hemophilia treatments progress with age, and
  • the prevalence of anxiety and other behavioral challenges among children with bleeding disorders.