Insurance and Medical Expenses/Equipment Assistance (Non-HFA)

Living with a bleeding disorder can be a great financial burden among expensive treatments, health insurance costs, travel to specialty medical appointments and necessary medical equipment. These resources provide assistance in covering medical expenses, medications, medical items, and medical travel.
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Angel Flight Central (AFC) is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission it is to "Serve people in need by arranging charitable flights for health care or other humanitarian purposes." People in need apply for help traveling to distant medical care and volunteer pilots sign up to take the flight. Visit the website to learn how it works!
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AIR CHARITY NETWORK Charity Network provides free air transportation to medical facilities for people that are financially distressed or unable to travel on public transportation. They provide air transportation across the nation. Visit their website for more information and to request a flight.medical travel
MERCY MEDICAL ANGELS Medical provides free air and/or ground transportation to patients with financial needs. Visit their website to request assistance for air transportation or ground transportation (gas cards, bus or train tickets). medical travel
HHN is a nationwide professional association of nearly 200 unique, nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to patients, families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities. Search the list by clicking “Find Lodging.”
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SOUTHWEST AIRLINES MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION GRANT PROGRAM provides complimentary roundtrip tickets to nonprofit hospitals and medical transportation organizations for patients who need help traveling for life-saving or life-changing medical care. Southwest allows participating hospitals and medical transportation organizations the freedom to determine how to distribute the tickets to patients and/or caregivers. Therefore, patients and/or caregivers need to contact the program partners directly, as each partner has its own guidelines for administration of these tickets. Look up partners by state on the website.medical travel
FRIENDS OF MAN assistance with protheses, wheelchairs, medical equipment, mobility equipment. Hearing aids for residents of CO, KS, NE, NM, WY, MT. Plus eyeglasses, dental, clothing, daycare, prescriptions, and more for residents of Colorado. Visit to request an application. Applications must be submitted by a referring professional. medical items
The program provides eligible individuals with a MedicAlert product and 3-years of membership. You may be referred to the program by your health care provider or case managers, or you may self-refer. For more information or to apply contact the program at 203-616-4325 or via email at
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VARIETY program allows eligible children to apply for assistance with adaptive equipment related to communication or mobility. medical items
The program provides financial assistance for adaptive equipment, treatment costs, travel costs, and vehicle modifications related to a child’s medical needs.
medical items, medical travel
Provides medical grants to help children gain access to health-related services not covered, or not fully covered, by a commercial health insurance plan. Do not need to have United Healthcare to be eligible.
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CHIVE CHARITIES program provides financial assistance for adaptive equipmentmedical items
Provides financial assistance to individuals and families living with chronic conditions, with priority placed on those living with bleeding disorders. Individual Financial Assistance Grants provide up to $2,000 to cover unexpected medical expenses, utility bills, small appliances, transportation to treatment, rent, and medical alert jewelry.
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Hope Charities provides assistance to people experiencing crisis caused by a bleeding disorder. Support is a maximum of $1,000 for utilities, food, housing, clothing, communication, medical expenses, transportation, and medical equipment. Complete the application online. The organization also offers Benevolence funds and Disaster Relief and can help patients set up a fundraising account to raise funds from the patient’s community.
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KEEP SWIMMING FOUNDATION Swimming Foundation provides relief to families of critically ill patients who require extended inpatient medical care at an accredited hospital through micro grants ranging from $250 to $3,000. Apply online. To be considered for a grant:
• Patient must be receiving care at an accredited hospital within the U.S.
• Patient must be receiving inpatient medical treatment at an accredited hospital for a minimum of twenty-one (21) consecutive calendar days within the quarter they are applying.
• The need for extended inpatient medical care for a reason outside their control.
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A nonprofit that helps people access patient assistance programs for medications and health care costs like prescription assistance, medical transportation, scholarships, medical transportation, coupons, discount cards, and more.

medication assistance
MEDICINE ASSISTANCE TOOL search engine provides resources and information about different programs that might lower your out-of-pocket expenses. medication assistance
RX HOPE A web-based information resource to help low-income US residents access patient assistance programs.medication assistance
RX OUTREACH (1-888-796-1234)
A patient assistance program that provides discounts on prescription drugs.
medication assistance
RX ASSIST offers a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs, which are programs that provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. On their website, you can also find practical tools, news, and articles. medication assistance
Find out if you can enroll in a health insurance plan right now and if you are eligible for a reduced rate. Visit the website or call the phone number (available 24 / 7 except holidays).
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The Assistance Fund manages almost 70 programs covering specific illnesses, including hemophilia and hepatitis C. Programs accept new applicants at different times. See eligibility and the FAQ for more information. Assistance for hemophilia includes:
• Copay Assistance for your portion of prescription medication cost after insurance.
• Health Care Assistance for out-of-pocket copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and incidental medical expenses.
• Insurance Premium and Incidentals
insurance assistance
Financial assistance up to $2,900 per year for co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles to financially and medically qualified patients, including those insured through federally administered health plans such as Medicare.
• Patient must be getting treatment for hemophilia.
• Patient must have health insurance that covers qualifying medication or product.
• Patient’s medication must be listed on PAN’s list of covered medications (see website).
• Patient must reside, and receive treatment in, the US. US citizenship is not a requirement.
• Patient’s income must fall at or below 400% of Federal Poverty Level.
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ACCESSIA can assist with health insurance premiums, copayments/co-insurance, travel expenses, ancillary items, infusion and nursing services. Click “Patients” and “Illnesses” to look up the programs available based on your type of insurance and illness. PSI has a “first come, first served” policy so assistance is based on eligibility and availability of funds.
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ACCESSIA HEALTH Advocate: 1-888-700-7010 Legal Support: 877-851-9065
ACCESS helps families navigate the maze of entitlement programs (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid) and health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, COBRA and HIPPA. They also have a legal support hotline for the bleeding disorder community to give guidance about health insurance, appeals, accommodations at work or school, and the Family and Medical Leave Act.
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Provides case management to identify and reduce challenges to care for people with a chronic diagnosis. Case managers strive to reduce everyday stress compounded by insurance frustration and mishaps, and to ensure that financial pressures do not compromise quality care. Working alongside patients or their loved ones, they take the lead on some of the most complex healthcare challenges and bring decades of collective experience to the problem. See criteria for free case management services.

Specialized case management through the MedCareLine division is available for patients and caregivers with specific illnesses. Case managers can help with disability, prior authorizations, appeals, second opinions, clinical trial screenings, and referrals for financial support.
• Hepatitis C CareLine: (844) 737-6676 or
• HIV, AIDS, and Prevention CareLine: (844) 737-6674 or
• Personalized Medicine CareLine (866) 460 - 1928 or
for patients interested in genomic or genetic testing to make treatment decisions; caregivers and providers encountering barriers accessing targeted therapies, immunotherapies, clinical trials.
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HEALTH INSURANCE DENIALS AND APPEALS: DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER, A PAF TRAINING SERIES free webcast training series that walks you through the process of identifying and successfully addressing a health insurance denial. This training series is designed to be taken in sequence, and each module takes just 20 minutes or so to complete. The modules are available assistance
KIDS’ WAIVERS compilation of information about Medicaid waivers, Katie Beckett or TEFRA programs, and other programs for children with disabilities or medical needs. To learn more about specific programs, you can compare states and obtain basic information using the sortable full list of programs. insurance assistance
Find out who to call in your region:
States are required to provide dental benefits to children covered by Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but states choose whether to provide dental benefits for adults.
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Find out if Medicare covers the procedure you need by using the website lookup tool or calling.
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