Financial Assistance

Managing a bleeding disorder has unforeseen crises, including hospitalizations, that cause missed wages from work. With these added costs and potential emergencies, families may find themselves having difficulty affording basic living expenses. This robust list of financial assistance programs available nationwide can help.
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Advocating for Chronic Conditions, Entitlements and Social Services (ACCESS) is a free legal aid program for families facing chronic medical conditions. They provide legal assistance and representation to help patients nationwide with Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. they also assess eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid.
Government programs
ALICES KIDS program offers financial assistance for small purchases (clothing, sports equipment, field trips, mattresses etc for children). It does require a referral to be completed on the family’s behalf.child, financial assistance
AMERICA’S DENTIST CARE FOUNDATION out about free clinics coming to your area supported by America’s Dentists Care Foundation.medical care
Provides a free cell phone, monthly free minutes and unlimited texts to income-qualifying households. Not available in every state, please check website or call for state specific information.
AT&T MOBILITY LIFELINE SERVICE is a federal program that lowers the monthly cost of your wireless phone, home phone, or internet service. If you’re eligible, you can get a discount of at least $9.25 on your monthly bill. You may qualify for a discount based on any one of the following conditions: income level or participate in federal assistance, internet, government programs
BENEFITS.GOV FROM THE U.S. GOVERNMENT Use the Benefit Finder to find out what government benefits you are eligible for. The site guides you through a questionnaire to find programs to support various needs like education, childcare, food, or energy support.childcare, housing, food, utilities, government programs, financial assistance
BENEFITSCHECKUP.ORG FROM THE NATIONAL COUNCIL ON AGING This resource is a comprehensive, free, and secure online tool that connects older adults with the benefits they may qualify for.medical care, financial assistance, food, utilities, government programs
Provides urgent help to individuals or families affected by hemophilia B when faced with specific critical needs. These crisis situations may include housing, transportation, and utility bills. Individuals must have a diagnosis of hemophilia B and/or be immediate family members in the same home; must be under the care of appropriate medical provider; must explain a hardship; must provide proof of income and budget and copies of bills; must provide medical note of why they can’t work with copies of medical visits/bills.
housing, transportation, utilities, financial assistance
Provides financial assistance to individuals and families living with chronic conditions, with priority placed on those living with bleeding disorders. Individual Financial Assistance Grants provide up to $2,000 to cover unexpected medical expenses, utility bills, small appliances, transportation to treatment, rent, and medical alert jewelry.
medical care, utilities, transportation, housing, financial assistance
CONSUMER FINANCE state specific resources that may be available in your area to assist with bills including rent or utilities. housing, utilities, financial assistance
If you have a permanent disability, are over 65 years old, or have a chronic and serious illness and don’t have enough money to pay for dental care, you may qualify for free treatment through the DDS program. The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program provides free, comprehensive dental treatment to our country’s most vulnerable through a volunteer network in each state. Visit the website to find qualification guidelines and complete an application.
medical care
Disability Secrets Secrets provides expert help with Social Security Disability Insruance (SSDI) benefits.Government programs
DISABILITYSECRETS.COM BY NOLO this website to learn about disability benefits, including who’s eligible, how to apply, what the application process looks like and how to appeal a denial. You can also browse disability lawyers by state.Government programs
FEEDING AMERICA FOOD BANKS Find local food banks by entering your ZIP on the Feeding America website. Feeding America food banks serve students and parents through the School Pantry Program and BackPack Programs. Many food banks provide baby food, formula and diapers. Look up and contact your local food bank to, diapers
FINDHELP.ORG BY AUNT BERTHA for services in this web database using your zip code. The database includes several types of free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and support for utilities, housing, and childcare. Search results will include local and national nonprofits and government agencies.Food, utilities, housing, childcare, financial assistance, diaper, child, transportation
FIND LIFELINE PROGRAMS IN YOUR AREA a resource to locate providers of internet or cell phone services for individuals who meet the qualifications by state or region. phone
HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES page from the US Department of Health and Human Services provides links to find a healthcare facility/provider or compare facilities/providers. medical care
Hope Charities provides assistance to people experiencing crisis caused by a bleeding disorder. Support is a maximum of $1,000 for utilities, food, housing, clothing, communication, medical expenses, transportation, and medical equipment. Complete the application online. The organization also offers Benevolence funds and Disaster Relief and can help patients set up a fundraising account to raise funds from the patient’s community.
utilities, food, housing, clothing, phone, medical care, transportation
INTERNET ESSENTIALS FROM XFINITY Provides low-cost internet service and computers for income-eligible households.internet
Lasagna Love a home made meal or refer a friend or family member to get a free home made
LIHEAP CLEARING HOUSE a resource to locate resources regarding utility assistance in each state. utilities
Meals on Wheels has 5,000+ independent local programs that deliver meals to seniors at home for free or on a voluntary sliding scale contribution. Use the website or call to learn about programs and eligibility in your area.
If you are disabled, over 65, on Medicaid or Medicare, you may qualify for government or health plan assistance to receive Mom’s Meals delivered at little or no cost. Contact your Medicaid/Medicare plan or your caseworker through your local Area Agency on Aging or Social Security Administration.
NATIONAL DIAPER BANK NETWORK There is a national network of diaper bank programs that provide diapers and may also provide other baby supplies and menstrual products. diapers, menstrual products, child
National Financial Resource Directory The directory includes a wide range of assistance types including caregiver support, copays, dental care, eye care, basic needs and more. Copays, medical care, financail assistance, food, utilities, housing
PATIENT ADVOCATE FOUNDATION Advocate Foundation assists patients who have been diagnosed with serious illness overcome healthcare access barriers. PAF provides in-depth assistance through personalized case management, financial support, and connection to critical community resources. PAF serves uninsured and insured patients across the country at no charge financial assistance, case management
Rare Disease Care Line 1-800-532-5274 Helps U.S. citizens and permanent residents diagnosed with a rare disease find charitable and community resources; enroll in health insurance, disability and social programs; and navigate insurance denials, appeal support, and coding/billing issues.medical care, government programs, financial assistance
SAFELINK WIRELESS 1-800-723-3546
Provides a free cell phone and limited number of free minutes to income-qualifying households. Not available in every state, please check website or call for state specific information.
SENIORS- COMMODITY SUPPLEMENTAL FOOD PROGRAM (CSFP) Look up your state contact or call your county assistance office.
Low-income persons age 60 and older who meet certain income guidelines and live in a participating state or reservation can receive packages of food. To find the CSFP contact in your area, visit Select your state in the “Select State” dropdown menu and select Commodity Supplemental Food Program in the “By Program” dropdown menu.
food, government programs,
SNAP (SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM) out if you are eligible for SNAP benefits (aka food stamps) to purchase groceries and look up the contact information for the SNAP office near you. food, government programs, financial assistance
SOCIAL SECURITY-INFORMATION FOR HELPING OTHER PEOPLE A page of resources created for individuals who are helping a family member or friend apply for benefits.Government programs
UCAS – AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program that helps many low-income households pay for broadband services and internet connected devices. Internet, government programs
UNITED WAY Provides free and confidential information and referrals to local services including housing, food, employment, healthcare, counseling, and more. Phone help is accessible 24 hours a day and in 180 languages. Check the website or call your local United Way to see if your state offers this service.Food, utilities, housing, childcare, financial assistance, diaper, child, transportation
USDA (other food programs) website lets you look up contact information by state for programs like Summer Food Programs, Famer’s Market programs, and, government programs, financial assistance
VERIZON WIRELESS LIFELINE PROGRAM Provides discounted cell phone service to income-eligible customers and residents of Tribal Lands. Not available in every state, check website or call for state specific
WIC (WOMEN, INFANTS, AND CHILDREN) supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides nutritious foods, nutrition and breastfeeding education, and healthcare access to protect low-income women infants, and children up to age, government programs, child