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State Medicaid Websites

Medicaid programs go by different names in different states. As states re-start their Medicaid and CHIP eligibility reviews, it can be hard to know where to look for program contact information. Find your state's Medicaid website and phone number in the following list.
State Agency Phone Number
Alabama Alabama Medicaid 1-334-242-5000
Alaska DenaliCare 1-800-478-7778
Arizona Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) 1-855-432-7587
Arkansas Arkansas Medicaid 1-844-872-2660
California Medi-Cal 1-800-541-5555
Colorado Health First Colorado 1-800-221-3943
Connecticut HuskyHealth 1-800-859-9889
Delaware Diamond State Health Plan (Plus) 1-302-571-4900
Florida Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Program 1-850-300-4323
Georgia Georgia Medicaid 1-877-423-4746
Hawaii Med-QUEST 1-800-316-8005
Idaho Idaho Medicaid 1-877-456-1233
Illinois Medical Assistance Program 1-877-805-5312
Indiana Indiana Medicaid 1-800-403-0864
Iowa IA Health Link 1-877-347-5678
Kansas KanCare/Kansas Medical Assistance Program 1-800-766-9012
Kentucky Kentucky Medicaid 1-800-635-2570
Louisiana Healthy Louisiana 1-888-342-6207
Maine MaineCare 1-800-977-6740
Maryland Maryland Medicaid 1-855-642-8572
Massachusetts MassHealth 1-800-841-2900
Michigan Michigan Medicaid Program 1-800-642-3195
Minnesota Medical Assistance/MinnesotaCare 1-800-657-3672
Mississippi MississippiCAN 1-800-421-2408
Missouri MO HealthNet 1-855-373-4636
Montana Montana Medicaid 1-844-682-6837
Nebraska ACCESSNebraska 1-855-632-7633
Nevada Nevada Medicaid 1-877-638-3472
New Hampshire New Hampshire Medicaid 1-844-275-3447
New Jersey NJ FamilyCare 1-800-701-0710
New Mexico Centennial Care 1-800-283-4465
New York New York State Medicaid 1-855-355-5777
North Carolina NC Medicaid Managed Care 1-245-888-0179
North Dakota North Dakota Medicaid Expansion 1-844-854-4825
Ohio Ohio Medicaid 1-800-324-8680
Oklahoma SoonerCare 1-800-987-7767
Oregon Oregon Health Plan 1-800-273-0557
Pennsylvania Medical Assistance 1-866-550-4355
Rhode Island RI Medical Assistance Program 1-855-840-4774
South Carolina Healthy Connections 1-888-549-0820
South Dakota South Dakota Medicaid 1-605-773-3165
Tennessee TennCare 1-855-259-0701
Texas STAR, Texas Medicaid 1-800-252-8263
Utah Utah Medicaid 1-866-608-9422
Vermont Vermont Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur 1-855-899-9600
Virginia Virginia Medicaid/ Cardinal Care 1-888-221-1590
Washington Apple Health 1-855-923-4633
Washington, D.C. DC Medicaid 1-202-727-5355
West Virginia West Virginia Medicaid 1-877-716-1212
Wisconsin BadgerCare, Wisconsin Medicaid 1-800-362-3002
Wyoming Wyoming Medicaid 1-855-294-2127