Save One Life Inc. Welcomes Chris Bombardier as New Executive Director

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The following is an excerpt from a press release from Save One Life Inc. Read the press release in its entirety here. 

Save One Life Inc. announces a new executive director. Save One Life is an international nonprofit that assists people with hemophilia in developing countries. Christopher G. Bombardier, famous for being the first person with hemophilia to climb the Seven Summits, is taking the helm at the nonprofit for which he raised funds through his climbs.

Chris began his Seven Summits climbs in 2011 to raise awareness globally of the disparity in treatment for those with bleeding disorders in developed and developing countries. He has severe factor IX deficiency, also known as hemophilia B. Along the way, he joined the board of Save One Life, and raised over $100,000 dollars for the nonprofit

“I loved pushing myself mentally and physically throughout my climbs of the Seven Summits, but knowing that by reaching the summit I could bring more awareness and help to individuals living with bleeding disorders around the world inspired me in the most challenging moments,” says Chris.

Read the press release in its entirety here.