At Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group, our goal is to help patients with bleeding disorders live life to the fullest.聽The hemophilia scholarship program is funded by Diplomat and administered by Hemophilia of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons affected by bleeding disorders.聽Applicants must be seeking education from an accredited college, university, or certified training program. At least one award will be made to an applicant pursuing education in a health related field. No preference is given to North Carolina residents or Diplomat patients. Awards are primarily merit-based, but financial need might be considered. The applicant is strongly encouraged to include a copy of their current FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or other statement of need with their application package.

Candidates: Scholarships are intended for persons affected by a bleeding disorder*, including anyone who
鉃 has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder; or
鉃 is a caregiver of a child or adult affected by a bleeding disorder; or
鉃 has a sibling or parent in the same household affected by a bleeding disorder

*For the purpose of this scholarship application, the term 鈥渂leeding disorder鈥 is limited to clotting factor deficiency聽disorders, specifically: hemophilia A (factor VIII), B (factor IX), and C (factor XI), von Willebrand Disease, factor V/parahemophilia**, factor VII, factor X, and factor XIII deficiencies. (**Factor V Leiden is a clotting disorder and is not eligible).

Scholarship Details:

Hemophilia of North Carolina (
Chris Barnes at Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group

Diplomat/HNC Scholarship Committee
Hemophilia of North Carolina
260 Town Hall Drive, Suite A
Morrisville, NC 27560

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