Dear Addy: Frantic Freshman

Dear Addy, I am going off to college soon. What is your advice for someone with a bleeding disorder in navigating their freshman year? Signed, Frantic Freshman Dear Frantic Freshman, Congratulations on going to college! This will be a huge next step in your career. As with any major change, it is always important to […]

Dear Addy: Off to College

Dear Addy,My family is active with our local bleeding disorders community, but now I am going to college in a different state. How do I find an organization near my school so I can remain involved as a community advocate in a new state and at the national level?Signed,Active Young Advocate Dear Young Advocate,Congratulations on […]

Dear Addy: First Year of College

Dear Addy, I’m preparing for my first year of college, which also means managing my hemophilia without my parents and local HTC.  How do I make this a smooth transition? Is there anything I need to do before I arrive on campus? Sincerely, First Year Jitters Dear Jitters, Congratulations on this exciting transition. Similar to […]