Dear Addy: Year-Round Advocacy

person holding folder in front of Capitol

Dear Addy, I’m interested in getting involved in policy and advocacy work, but am I too late to get involved? When’s the best time of year to advocate? Signed,Too Late to Advocate? Dear Too Late to Advocate, No need to worry – you’re in luck! You’re not too late at all. Advocacy is Year-Round While […]

Dear Addy: H.R. 5801

person holding folder in front of Capitol

Dear Addy, I’ve been hearing a lot about co-pay accumulator adjuster programs (CAAPs) lately. What are CAAPs, how do I know if my insurance plan has one, and what can I do about them? Signed, Co-pay Confused Dear Co-Pay Confused, Those are great questions. Co-pay accumulator adjuster programs (CAAPs) are becoming increasingly common in […]

Dear Addy: Reporting Insurance Issues

Dear Addy,I’m already experiencing issues with my health insurance, despite being less than a month into the new year. What resources does HFA have for reporting these issues?Signed,Frustrated Consumer Dear Frustrated,HFA understands your frustration and wants to hear from you. We strongly encourage you to reach out to HFA with stories about any insurance issues […]

Dear Addy: 5 Minutes for Project CALLS

Dear Addy, I am having a horrific time with my insurance company getting a prior authorization approved. I know I should call Project CALLS, but I simply don’t have time to be on the phone with the insurance company and Project CALLS. Why is it so important that I let HFA know what’s going on […]

Dear Addy: Project CALLS Infographic

Dear Addy, I recently attended an event and learned about submitting issues with my insurance to HFA’s Project CALLS. However, I still have some questions about how CALLS works and what happens when I submit an issue. Can you explain the process? Signed, CALLS Quandary Dear Quandary, HFA created an infographic to answer this very […]

Dear Addy: Project CALLS 2018

Dear Addy,I’m already experiencing problems with my insurance in the new year. Where can I go to report these issues?Signed,New Year, Old Issues Dear New Year,You are not alone. HFA regularly hears from community members with concerns about access to care due to limitations or mandates set by their insurance company.Submit your issue to HFA’s […]

Dear Addy: Project CALLS 2

Dear Addy,I’m having trouble with my health insurance, which is making it difficult to manage my bleeding disorder. What can I do to make my concerns heard?Signed,Help Wanted Dear Help,Thank you for reaching out to HFA about the trouble you’re having with your health insurance. You are not alone in your concerns. In August 2015, […]

Dear Addy: Project CALLS

Dear Addy,My insurance company is making it increasingly difficult to access the services and products I need to care for my bleeding disorder, which has led to delayed care. How can I report these issues?Signed,Frustrated__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dear Frustrated,You are not alone in your concerns. In August 2015, HFA launched Project CALLS (Creating Alternatives to Limiting and Lacking […]