Jeanette Jones, MA, Ed.

Education / Blood Sisterhood Manager

Jeanette Jones lives in somewhat rural Guthrie, Oklahoma with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She enjoys music, gardening, anthropology, and movies.

She first studied Religious Education and Missions at Oklahoma Christian University. She has a master’s degree in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma in Linguistics and English Education and loved teaching international university students, which was the focus of her career for many years.

Jeanette has a rare bleeding disorder (platelet deficiency) and antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). I have been involved with the community since 2011.

She worked with her local bleeding disorders organization as communications director for more than two years and joined the HFA education team in September 2021.

Jeanette works closely with member organizations as an Education Manager, leads the national Blood Sisterhood Program, and is involved in other special projects. “HFA’s value to the community is vital, and I am proud to be part of its legacy.”