Miriam Goldstein, JD

Acting Vice President of Public Affairs

Miriam is part of the Public Affairs team at HFA, where her work centers on advocating for policies that ensure access to quality and affordable health care and coverage. Day to day, this might include: monitoring and analyzing federal legislation and regulations impacting insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare; working with HFA member organizations on state advocacy initiatives; engaging in efforts to safeguard blood and medical product safety; developing materials to help community members navigate the complex U.S. health care system; and more.

Before joining HFA, Miriam worked as a lawyer with the federal government and volunteered for many years with her local hemophilia association and the Committee of Ten Thousand.

Miriam lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is the mother of two adult sons with hemophilia. Most weekends you can run into (please don’t run into!) Miriam and her husband Dave on local bike trails.