State Medicaid Websites

Medicaid programs go by different names in different states. As states re-start their Medicaid and CHIP eligibility reviews, it can be hard to know where to look for program contact information. Find your state’s Medicaid website and phone number in the following list.

Insurance and Medical Expenses/Equipment Assistance (Non-HFA)

Living with a bleeding disorder can be a great financial burden among expensive treatments, health insurance costs, travel to specialty medical appointments and necessary medical equipment. These resources provide assistance in covering medical expenses, medications, medical items, and medical travel.

Access to DDAVP Nasal Spray

Background STIMATE® has been unavailable to patients since July 2020, when Ferring Pharmaceuticals and CSL Behring announced a voluntary recall of the product. Patient concerns continued when, in February 2021, Ferring Pharmaceuticals stated that it did not anticipate restarting manufacturing and market delivery of STIMATE® before the second half of 2023, contingent on FDA approval. […]

Non-Standard Health Plans

Dangers & Drawbacks of “Skinny” Plans Avoid “skinny” plans: short-term health plans, health care sharing ministries (HCSMs), and other forms of non-ACA-compliant coverage. These products (often widely advertised) won’t offer the benefits you need and may leave you exposed to high out-of-pocket costs for care. To get the coverage you need, look for plans that […]

Sources of Health Insurance

There are a variety of sources in which people get health insurance. Use this table to understand each type.

Open Enrollment Guide

Open enrollment is the period each year when health insurance plans are required by law to accept applications from new plan enrollees regardless of their health history. This also is the time when you can choose to stay with your existing health plan for the coming year if it still meets your needs. New for the 2023 […]

Accumulator Adjuster Programs

Many in the bleeding disorders community rely on patient copay assistance programs to help defray the out-of-pocket (OOP) cost of their prescription drugs. Unfortunately, health insurers increasingly are refusing to credit copay assistance toward patients’ deductibles and OOP maximums.


Medicare provides essential coverage for seniors as well as some younger people with disabilities.