FitFactor Video: Putting A Face to Martial Arts

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When considering a physical activity for themselves or their family members with a bleeding disorder, many people overlook the possibility of martial arts.  It is a sport that can be considered for its many benefits beyond building muscle tone, flexibility and general health.  Some of the biggest benefits that come from practicing any of the martial arts are: self-esteem and self-confidence, self-control, responsibility, respect and most importantly fun!
There are many individuals in the community who are finding strength, health and success in a martial arts program.  In this new FitFactor video, a young man with moderate hemophilia who is also a chief martial arts instructor, explains how anyone with a chronic condition can safely practice martial arts, the benefits it offers, and how it’s helped him to become stronger, healthier, and more confident.
In this second of three martial arts videos, both family members and instructors of individuals with chronic conditions share how a martial arts program can be of benefit.  It also stresses the importance of safety and  finding the right program and instructor who will work with the individual to help them succeed.
In this final video, Michael, a martial arts instructor, and second degree black belt, demonstrates how any techniques or form can be adapted to an individual with a bleeding disorder.
HFA’s FitFactor mantra is that healthy bodies bleed less.  Physical activity is important for everyone, but especially someone with a bleeding disorder.  These videos were created to demonstrate that martial arts are an activity that can be considered for individuals with a bleeding disorder, developmental disability, chronic condition, or other challenges. The benefits they provide are numerous and real.  It is important to remember to speak to your health care provider or physical therapist before starting any physical activity.  It is also important to find a martial arts program and instructor who is willing to work with you and your specific needs to allow you the most benefit from the activity, keep you safe and allow for success.
*While extensive efforts are made to ensure accuracy of the content of each FitFactor video, these entries are not intended to be construed as medical advice or the official opinion/position of HFA, its staff, or its Board of Directors. Readers are strongly encouraged to discuss their own medical treatment with their healthcare providers.
**We thank the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Mastery Martial Arts for their generous support to make this video possible.  

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