A Family's Struggle with vWD

I am a single mom of three; all with special needs. My son has severe speech problems, my youngest daughter has mild von Willebrands, and my oldest daughter has severe von Willebrands, food allergies, and experiences seizures.
My daughter’s frequent and heavy nose bleeds led doctors to perform four surgeries on her nose. My daughter was not responding to treatment and the doctors were evaluating a new treatment plan to manage her bleeds. Due to my daughter’s numerous complications, I was unable to maintain stable employment and relied on a fixed income provided by disability benefits.
My children’s special health care needs required approximately 15 doctor appointments each month. We don’t own a vehicle, so we provided gas money to a family member in exchange for transportation to the many doctor appointments. After running up a huge gas bill to transport my daughter to a specialist, coupled with the other children’s regular appointments, I fell behind on my utility bill for two months. Helping Hands assisted my family with a utility bill to help me get back on track so I could focus on caring for my children and their serious health care needs.

“We are so grateful that we have been approved to receive assistance with this utility bill…our deepest thank you for assisting us with this. It is one huge burden that has been relieved for us.”