A Long Hospital Stay

We are all in this together

“Thank you to all that make the Helping Hands program possible. Thank you for helping our family.”

My youngest son has severe hemophilia A. He bleeds internally very frequently and lives in a lot of pain. He misses 5-7 days of school each month because of his constant bleeds, and we often have to rush him to the ER for additional care.
Our family has been through a lot during the past 11 years. We have always worked through it all, we mentor our son at home, and our extended family helps us a lot. We do the best we can to not miss days from work when he has to stay home or for several nights at the hospital. Unfortunately, last March we faced the most difficult month in our lives, and for the first time, we had to reach for help outside our circle of family and friends.
Our son’s port got infected and the doctors found two blood clots. He was in the hospital for a full month. Once again our family and friends offered us a lot of help, but after missing several days of work, I lost my job. We paid as many bills as we could with our savings, but it just wasn’t enough.  We were facing a situation where we couldn’t pay our rent and our utility bills with just one paycheck.
Our HTC recommended the Helping Hands program and we applied for help. We are so thankful for this program. We were approved to receive one month of rent, and that’s what we needed to get back on our feet. I found another job and we are back to our “regular” life.