What to Expect When Participating in Clinical Trials

As the market for new treatments for the bleeding disorders community continues to grow, more clinical trials are open to patients and their families than ever before. While participation in these trials is important to medical and scientific advancement, not all clinical trials are right for every patient. In this session, hear from the perspective of an HTC clinical research manager and a patient who has participated in one or more clinical trials about their experience.

Presenter: Julie Smith, CCRP

Julie is a Senior Professional Research Assistant with 14 years of clinical research experience. She co-manages a team of 6 clinical research coordinators at The University of Colorado Denver Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center. Julie is received a Biology degree from The University of Alabama and then settled in Colorado to explore the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Julie says, 鈥淚 love my career as a researcher because I am always learning, and because innovations in science and medicine are constantly progressing and it is exciting to be able to offer these cutting-edge research opportunities to the patients we serve with bleeding and clotting disorders. It is through collaborative teamwork that researchers aim to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.鈥

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