Symposium is going virtual!

HFA鈥檚 Symposium is an annual community-centered educational event that draws hundreds of members from the bleeding disorders community together to share information, learn new advancements and build a network of support! Now that we are going virtual, we look forward to you joining us online in August.

Have a question about Symposium? Take a look at our聽Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Registration for attendees and exhibitors will be closed until details for the virtual conference are finalized. Please check back for updates!

All current registrations are valid. If you鈥檙e not able to join us due to scheduling conflicts, please contact symposium@hemophiliafed.org聽 If you aren鈥檛 registered, we plan to post information soon so that you can learn more about our virtual event and register!

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Please click here for more information about exhibiting at HFA’s virtual conference.聽

Agenda & Programming

We plan to post information soon on how we plan to update Symposium into a virtual event.

Keynote Speaker

Hemophilia Federation of America is excited to have inspirational speaker, Lindsay Vos, of Brownstown, Michigan,聽 as our keynote speaker for 2020 Symposium. Vos鈥檚 story began when she spent most of her life suffering from migraines and eventually experiencing left-sided weakness and slurred speech. But doctors dismissed her symptoms as anxiety whenever she sought treatment or a proper diagnosis. After her mother shared a family history of arteriovenous malformation, Lindsay was finally properly diagnosed and in 2017 underwent surgery to correct AVM. Her medical history didn鈥檛 end there. Click here to read more!

Thank You to Our 2020 Symposium Sponsors

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Why Should I Participate in a Virtual Symposium?

At HFA, we understand that bleeding disorders are not a one size fits all medical condition. Dealing with or caring for a loved one with a bleeding disorder is a lifelong journey requiring diligence and flexibility in handling the challenges along the way.
HFA Symposium offers community members the opportunity to learn and grow personally and collectively in becoming strong self-advocates!

Photos From Symposium

What Participants Say About Symposium:

“HFA Symposium聽gave us the chance to discuss topics in depth with knowledgeable speakers and participants with shared experiences.”

“Symposium brings together community in a mentoring, fellowship, interactive place and this is a very good idea.”

“Knowing about other families’ life experience and learning to solve problems and advocate for ourselves.”

“At Symposium, we learned that one family, one person can make a difference. People are listening–we all have something to say.”

Watch Videos From Past Symposiums:

2019 Symposium in San Diego, California!

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