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Our vision is to remove barriers to choice of treatment and to improve the care and quality of life for all people with bleeding disorders.

Happening Highlights

Your COVID Vaccine Questions Answered

HFA鈥檚 COVID-19 Vaccine Forum featured an excellent panel of experts, including well-known epidemiologists from NIH and UCLA and leading HTC medical professionals, addressing the questions and concerns the bleeding disorders community has about the vaccine.

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An Important Learning Opportunity

With the pandemic and other recent events, caring for our mental health could not be more important. Learn the basics of mental health, how to find support, coping skills and hear from community members about their mental struggles.

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Know the Warning Signs

With growing instances of mental health emergencies, it is important to know the warning signs of a mental health crisis in ourselves and our loved ones. This helpful handout provides valuable information on spotting the signs and what to say (and not say) when someone needs immediate help.

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Quick Links to Mental Health Resources

There are a number of ways to find information on mental health, but where can you turn and who can you trust? HFA has gathered more than 50 trusted websites, hotlines and videos in one place as a quick reference.

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HFA's COVID-19 Relief Fund

We have created the HFA COVID-19 Relief Fund as a restricted fund within the Helping Hands program, to provide financial relief for members of the bleeding disorders community who are grappling with a significant loss of income due to COVID-19 and have urgent need.

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Helping Forward

Helping Forward empowers community members to move forward from crisis into a sustainable future through career planning and financial management. The website includes a robust set of tools to help community members understand their rights, options, and community insights related to employment and finances. Explore this one-stop resource and sign up to be part of the Helping Forward network.

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