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From emergency assistance to scholarships, HFA is here to help you through all stages of life.


As we continue to learn, we offer many tools to help you talk to family members, physicians, and teachers.


We are very vocal about your rights and access to care. Join us to learn how to advocate for yourself.

Bleeding disorders are some of the rarest and most expensive diseases to treat over the lifetime of a patient.

Part Two

"Unspeakable": Let's Talk About It

Join HFA and Robert C. Cooper, Blood Brother and Executive Producer of the TV series “Unspeakable.” Along with special guest panelist, we continue talking about this special mini-series that chronicles the emergence of HIV and Hepatitis throughout Canada during the early 1980-90s and the tragedy that resulted after thousands with bleeding disorders were infected by tainted blood.

New Patients & Families

A new bleeding disorder diagnosis in the family is hard on everyone. HFA works with the whole family to provide assistance and education.

Women Bleed Too

Women are vastly underrepresented in research related to bleeding disorders and often have delayed diagnosis and care. 

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Every year, we publish a Special Issue of Dateline that features current products for treatments as well as emerging therapies.