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I was part of the first Hispanic Advocacy Group Training sponsored by HFA where I met members of the community from other states. It helps me to effectively advocate for my sisters and brothers of the bleeding disorders community.


HFA has been vital with support and performance for patients with bleeding disorders. I have felt their dedication and assistance in advocating for and educating families like ours.

A. Plaud

HFA has given me tools and education to feel confident that my bleeding disorder is not a limitation to anything I want to do in life.

I. Díaz

Gracias a HFA y a sus programas de educación dirigidos a las mujeres con desórdenes de sangrado, puedo afirmar que no me he sentido sola en este viaje. HFA me ha dado la oportunidad de conocer muchas mujeres como yo y juntas hemos aprendido a abogar y trabajar para poder dejar un legado a las futuras generaciones.

V. Mattei

I just want to thank you so much for all your help with my requests through the Helping Hands Program. My new diagnosis has been a bit overwhelming, and you going above and beyond to help means a lot. So thank you for all you do.


I had my left knee fully replaced, [due] to severe Hemophilia A. I have been on leave from work since then and finances are really tough. Your assistance is overwhelming appreciated and will go a long way in helping me with my recovery and getting back to work without worrying about the stress of finance. Thank you and God bless!


HFA made me feel empowered during Sisterhood space, especially helping me advocate for myself as a woman and young adult with a bleeding disorder. HFA’s advocacy fly-in had a lasting impact on me, as it provided a unique opportunity to have my voice heard by allowing me to discuss real-world challenges faced by bleeding disorders patients with government representatives.

S. Hegde

I am deeply grateful to the Hemophilia Federation of America for their invaluable support and resources. Their comprehensive website has been a beacon, guiding me through my journey and providing me with the necessary knowledge and tools to manage my condition effectively. I feel supported and not alone in this journey.

Fernando Reyes

HFA has helped me tremendously, especially through their Facebook page. I always see helpful posts, such as emergency safety tips or educational events so I can further my understanding of my disorder and its management. I can also use HFA’s posts throughout Bleeding Disorders Awareness month to be able to share easily understandable facts/pictures to raise awareness amongst my friends and family.


Isabella started having nosebleeds when she was just under six months old which would occur 5/6 times a day. After many visits to the doctor, she was eventually confirmed and officially diagnosed with VWD. We were relieved and scared to find this out, but since starting treatments, her quality of life has increased. HFA has answers! The treatment plan Isabella uses has been working! She still has the random bruises since she loves gymnastics and playing with her friends, but it has given my soon-to-be 8-year-old quality of life.

Isabella B.