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Patients living with a bleeding disorder can experience financial hardship at any point due to their medical condition. We have served hundreds of families with our Helping Hands program for over 20 years. Use the chart below to determine which program meets your needs at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We track applications to all three programs separately, so in one year you can apply for any and all programs for which you are eligible.
Unfortunately, inhibitor support is only available to those with an active inhibitor (i.e., a measurable titer and/or shortened half-life).
Contact Helping Hands with questions. If your need does not fall under one of our programs, we can direct you to appropriate resources.

Emergency Assistance: we generally reach out to applicants within 10 business days and complete the process within two weeks.

Disaster Relief: we reach out within 2 business days.

Length of process depends on the type of request, documents needed, and volume of referrals.

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