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Blood Sisterhood is a national community for adult female, non-binary, and trans women.

Stronger Together

Whether you have a bleeding disorder diagnosis or are seeking one, you are welcome. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with community members across the country. You will find a community of strong self-advocates. Blood Sisterhood is for anyone hoping to learn from others, share experiences, and find peer-support network.

About Us

Blood Sisterhood serves females, non-binary, and trans women in the bleeding disorders community. We highlight current issues, talk about treatments and therapies, and advocate for representation in research.

Monthly Chats

We meet every month for heart-to-heart chats. We encourage those who identify as she or they to join. You must be 18+ to participate. Note: SisterSpace Chat has been postponed until further notice. 


From the doctor’s office to Capitol Hill, nobody can tell your story better than you! Your voice has weight. Contact your legislator today.

Learning Central

Learning Central is your first stop for Bleeding Disorders education. We have specially prepared courses just for females and people who menstruate. Visit our ‘Women’s Health and Wellness’ center today.

menstruation tracking Toolkit

You asked, we listened

Upgraded, updated and designed for YOU by Blood Sisters

Download the tracking tools that you need. At your discretion, share your logs with your providers to aid conversations and improve your care. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read articles and published research that HFA staff has curated for just for you!

HFA gave me the strength and security to have my daughters get tested. When I found out that both girls had von Willebrand Disease, I was not as scared as I thought I would be. I had a world of information and lots of people to help us.

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