Menstruation Tracking

HFA is proud to provide digital and printable tracking tools for women, girls, people with the potential to menstruate, people with bleeding disorders, and those who have not been diagnosed yet. These thoughtfully prepared tools can help you record your bleeding experience.

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Download the tracking tools that you need. At your discretion, share your logs with your providers to aid conversations and improve your care.

Choose between two tacking methods: measuring volume loss or counting products (PBAC).

New Features

Guide includes instructions, tips, resources, definitions and references

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Tracking Options

Measure by Volume

Menstrual Cup Option

Tracking Clotting and Flooding

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Helpful Tips and Instructions

Tips for Best Digital Use

Download the pages you need. Save them on your computer or in a storage cloud, complete digitally, save, and share with providers.

Tips for Best Printing Results

To print the logs, open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Print button, go to File, Print, or press Control + P on your keyboard. In the print dialogue, under Page Sizing; Handling, select Fit. This should ensure that your log does not get cut off when you print. If you are using another PDF viewer, look for an option that seems similar. Complete pages after printing and share with providers.

Customize Downloads

Measure by Volume

The HFA team created new tracking logs that measure volume based on the universal knowledge that 80ml (2.7oz) of blood loss during a menstrual cycle is determined to be ‘heavy menstrual bleeding.’ After much research, we determined it might prove more useful for patients and providers to track volume loss. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive tool for those who have bleeding disorders and the potential to menstruate to track one’s menstrual cycle, general bleeding, and other signs and symptoms as it relates to their bleeding disorder.

Customize Downloads

Measure with Pictorial Blood Assessment Charts (PBAC)

The Pictorial Blood Assessment Chart (PBAC) is a tool that can be used to assess menstrual blood loss regardless of any underlying disorder.


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Podcasts and Interviews

7-2-1 Period Podcast

FWGBD is excited to announce our new PODCAST series, 7-2-1: All you need to know about periods, a conversation-style podcast that answers the most pressing questions about periods and heavy menstrual bleeding.


FLOW is a monthly show for women with bleeding disorders, menstruating individuals who experience extreme bleeding, and those looking for more access to menstruation-health information.

CORE2ED: Period Podcast

A podcast series on Bleeding Disorders in Women and Girls, aiming to provide first-line healthcare professionals with insights on recognising, diagnosing, and managing bleeding disorders in women and girls.

Interviews with Dr. Paula James

Dr. Paula James is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan (MD, 1996), Dr. James joined the Queen's University faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine in 2004. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and full Professor in 2015. She holds cross-appointments to the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and Pediatrics at Queen's.

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