Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future
Five years ago HFA started the “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future” history project to pay tribute to the community’s legacy of advocacy, sacrifice and treatment advances. HFA will continue this project to recognize its 25th anniversary celebration.

HFA collected many documents and articles, but is aware there may be more memorabilia stashed in attics all across the country! HFA is looking for community members and organizations willing to share and work with HFA to preserve a comprehensive record of the community’s history.

Do you have old family photos depicting the reality of life with a bleeding disorder? Or maybe diaries or personal journals that reflect your or a loved one’s personal journey. We’re looking for personal items as well as newspaper articles, key documents, newsletters, posters from advocacy rallies on Capitol Hill or other artifacts that tell our story of endurance and resilience.

Submit a photo of something you have that may be added to the collection. A committee will review all submissions and work with you to collect and return items. Share your historical archives so HFA can continue to shed light on this amazing community.

As part of its 25th anniversary celebration in 2019, HFA will have an enhanced and updated exhibit at the 2019 Symposium in San Diego, Calif., to display the historical items.

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