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Blood Brotherhood

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Blood Brotherhood is a national program for adult men, diagnosed and living with bleeding disorders.  It is designed to be a multi-avenue outreach, to provide education and support, promote good health, and establish a sense of community for adult men.


How can I participate?

Join the Blood Brotherhood Private Online Forum


HFA is proud to sponsor a secure site for adult men with diagnosed bleeding disorders to meet other Blood Brothers from across the country.  In this private format, men with bleeding disorders can share their experiences and learn from each other.  Click here to register and join today!

Participate in an upcoming National Webinar or Online Event Blood Brotherhood_Whiteboard

Connect with other men during one of the Blood Brotherhood’s quarterly webinars or online events focused on issues that are important to men like you! Our upcoming webinars are listed below.  Check out our webinar calendar for a complete list!

Find a local HFA Member Organization

HFA has partnered with several member organizations to host Blood Brotherhood groups throughout the country.  The groups typically meet face-to-face several times per year to participate in education, social activities and wellness. Check our list of Blood Brotherhood site locations.

Attend HFA’s Educational Symposium

HFA’s Annual Educational Symposium provides a track just for Blood Brothers to meet, share, and learn from one another. This is a great way to connect with other men if you don’t have a local Blood Brotherhood group near you. Learn more about Symposium.

Community Voices

Learning from each other is an important aspect of Blood Brotherhood.

There are many shared challenges and triumphs, as well as the experiences that make each story uniquely yours.  Check out what some Blood Brothers from our community have to say in our collection of videos and stories.

Help Us Improve Blood Brotherhood

You are a valued member of the bleeding disorders community. At HFA, we listen to your voice and put your feedback into action. As a result, all of our webinarseducational toolkits, and other resources are tailored to what you have suggested.

But we cannot do this alone. We need you to continue sharing your voice to improve our programs and our service to the bleeding disorders community. Please take 15-20 minutes to complete this survey to help us assess the knowledge you have gained as a result of your participation in HFA’s Blood Brotherhood Program. The information gathered will be used to help tailor the program to meet the needs of YOU, Blood Brothers.

Take the Survey

As a thank you for completing this survey and for being a valued member of the Blood Sisterhood, you will have the opportunity to enter into a raffle drawing for a trip to HFA’s Symposium in Cleveland, OH, April 26-29, 2018! Winner will have the choice of 3 nights of hotel OR roundtrip airfare for 2 adults. To win, the survey must be completed in its entirety. Winner will be announced November 15, 2017. Read terms and conditions here.

Why Should I Get Involved with Blood Brotherhood?

BB NJ boatMen who have the opportunity to talk with others experiencing similar challenges and journeys are better able to manage their bleeding disorder, cope with life stress, and have better health outcomes.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Blood Brothers are saying:

“It is the best pill in my bag, the best friends I could have, the healthiest thing to come my way in a while.”  (2009)

“I feel that the world is a small and unified place – a laudable thing. Just as the hemophilia community is a small and unified place. And yet our community is spread all over the country, and sometimes all over the globe. How do we stay in touch? How do we stay connected? Blood Brotherhood!” (2012)

“While there have been functionally significant advances in hemophilia treatment and care, physical, psychological and spiritual challenges remain.  Hemophilia impacts the whole being and attention needs to be given to this full spectrum of needs.  The Blood Brotherhood program is a gift and a valuable resource.  May it continue to thrive.” (2013) 

“The topic is not as important as getting together with the Blood Brotherhood. It is the friendship and camaraderie that we benefit from the most. We talk about the individual challenges we face and we share what we do to deal with those challenges. That is priceless.” (2011)

“I think the program is wonderful. I hope the Blood Brotherhood Program will continue to enlighten and educate for the future of the younger hemophiliacs to come.” (2011)

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Beyond Blood Brotherhood

Blood Brothers who regularly participate in physical activities have stronger bodies and less frequent bleeds. FitFactor is a tool for Blood Brothers to gain knowledge about nutrition, wellness, and how to adapt physical activities for every level of mobility.

Who better to advocate for issues facing men with bleeding disorders, than Blood Brothers themselves? Join our advocacy efforts today!

Partners and spouses of Blood Brothers often play a critical role in managing your bleeding disorder and require support as well. HFA provides tools and resources for partners and spouses to connect.


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