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Helping Hands

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HFA understands and recognizes the ongoing medical, physical, emotional and financial challenges that a chronic condition poses on individuals and families living with a bleeding disorder.

HFA has proudly offered the Helping Hands program since 1997 because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

What is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a critical, one-of-a-kind program available to individuals and families in the bleeding disorders community. The program assists people who are going through temporary financial crisis for reasons related to their bleeding disorder.

An applicant is eligible to receive assistance once per year. The program is truly a source of temporary help. Applicants are encouraged to consult multiple resources and programs to resolve their financial needs.

The program is funded via donations made to the Gears for Good bike ride, program sponsors, annual membership dues and contributions made in memory and in honor of members of our community.

Who does Helping Hands assist?

Anyone living with a bleeding disorder or caring for someone with a bleeding disorder can find themselves in need of help at some point during their lives.

Most the applicants in 2013 were parents of children with hemophilia. Other applicants included adults males with complications and co-infections, as well as females struggling with their bleeding condition. We believe that the financial struggles associated with a bleeding disorder have been further deepened in recent years by our nation’s overall economic crisis. By large, the majority of applications received requested assistance with rent, mortgage, utility bills and car payments. Caring for a child or a person with hemophilia can lead to missed hours of work and pay checks and with time, missed mortgage, rent or utility payments.

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How can I help?

Your Support is Needed Year Round! Please help us fund this program by donating today! 100% of private contributions made to the program go towards helping families and people in need in our community.

Donate Today!

How do I apply for assistance?

Asking for help is the first step. It is important to consult with multiple resources to help resolve your financial needs.

  • Reach out to your local hemophilia organization - Some local hemophilia organizations may have funds available to help families with immediate financial needs.
  • Contact the nearest Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) – The social worker at the Hemophilia Treatment Center can help you explore the options available and may be able to aid you throughout the application process.
  • Find out if there are local organizations that provide the services you need - Depending on your needs, there may be local agencies or organizations that help with a specific need. Please review HFA’s Helping Hands Resource List.
  • Review patient assistance programs available through product manufacturers- Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs to help the bleeding disorders community with co-payments/co-insurance as well as product assistance for uninsured patients or those experiencing a lapse in coverage. This interactive chart is updated regularly with new information to help you easily navigate through available patient assistance programs.

HFA Resources Include:

Helping Hands Program- aids families with emergency/urgent funding to assist in crisis situations such as housing, transportation, and utility bills.

Items Reimbursement - reimburses community members for durable medical equipment and items.


Assisting and Advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Community