HFA's 2010 State Legislative Agenda

HFA is proud to release its 2010 State Legislative Agenda. This list has been compiled after consultation with members of the Federation’s Advocacy and Executive Committees. Our intention is to create a central clearinghouse for legislative proposals which we believe are of interest to segments of the bleeding disorders community.The policy clearinghouse features a link […]


The Long Mile by Barry HaardeDownload Barry’s StoryThere was only one more hill to climb as I rounded the corner that brought the finish line into view. I had ridden my bicycle 175 miles since lining up at the starting point back in Houston the day before. After more than 10 hours on the bike, […]

Rick, Jessie's Dad

Download Rick’s StoryBy Rick, Jessie’s DadMy son Jesse was born on Valentine’s Day in 2001. He is now 4 years old and has severe hemophilia. It is hard to believe the amount of emotions that have transpired in the short period since his birth. Life leads us down many paths. The path of fatherhood is […]


Leland is a teenager with hemophilia and an inhibitor who is concerned with lifetime caps and how they affect his future in the bleeding disorders community.http://youtu.be/mKydt_EW8Ow