2010 State Legislative Preview: CONNECTICUT

Much depends on the outcome of the special legislative study group on Bleeding Disorders.  The study group is expected to consider issues confronting people with bleeding disorders across the lifecycle.  Co-chaired by State Representatives Karen Jarmoc and Matthew Conway the panel is expected to begin meeting in late September, and generate findings by year’s end. Likely topics of consideration include: standards of care and service, and access to life insurance. Also noteworthy, Connecticut’s effort to move towards Universal Access begins to pick up steam with the Sustinet board of trustees beginning to deliberate. Panelists have been charged with crafting a plan to move the state’s residents to a Universal Access scheme. Doing so may potentially pose challenges for people with chronic conditions. This process is worth watching.
HFA continues to profile each of the individual states and the current legislative environment looking ahead towards the 2010 legislative term. As always, community members are invited to comment, raise questions, address evolving themes. Your imput is always welcome.

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