Grifols Alphanate vCJD Labeling Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFDA Approves Revised Alphanate® Labeling to Include Reduced Infectivity of an Experimental Model Agent for vCJDAlphanate® is the first plasma-derived blood clotting factor to include labeling statements on manufacturing processes that provide a reasonable assurance of removal for low levels of a variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) model agent.Barcelona, Spain (March 4, 2011). Grifols, […]

Exercising with Your Child

Exercising with your child can be fun, exciting and an excellent way to bond and connect while your child develops. Research shows that toddlers need at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity per day and 60 minutes of free playtime.Other benefits of your child getting physically active include: (1) develop stronger muscles and bones; […]

Jump-Start your Fitness Program

Starting a regular exercise program is key to staying healthy and protecting your joints. Physical activity can also delay or even prevent the diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Follow these tips to help jump-start your exercise program.Tip #1 – StretchingA quality exercise program involves stretching before and after your primary for of activity. This give […]