Scholarship Recipient: Porus Pavri

2023 HFA Educational Scholarship

Rutgers University, New Jersey

As an individual with hemophilia, my journey has been shaped by both challenges and determination. These experiences have propelled me towards pursuing a business major and setting ambitious future goals. I believe that the intersection of my personal circumstances and academic aspirations is a unique space where I can make a significant impact.

Opting for a business major was a carefully considered decision. The dynamic world of commerce fascinates me, and I’m excited about harnessing its potential to drive positive change. Through courses in marketing, economics, and entrepreneurship, I aim to cultivate a versatile skill set that will enable me to navigate a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The scholarship I’ve been granted holds immense value for me, transcending beyond financial support. It signifies recognition of my determination to overcome the obstacles posed by hemophilia and pursue higher education with unwavering commitment. This scholarship is a symbol of empowerment, endorsing my belief that challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth.

In the future, I aspire to merge my passion for business with my personal journey. My goal is to not only excel in the corporate realm, but also to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with hemophilia and other health challenges. By leveraging my business acumen, I intend to drive conversations about diversity in the workplace and contribute to creating environments where everyone can thrive.

In essence, this scholarship emboldens my mission to transcend limitations and leave an indelible mark on the world of business. With gratitude in my heart and determination in my spirit, I am poised to forge ahead and turn my aspirations into reality.

– Porus