Community Member, Barbara Dittrich one of 3 semi-finalist for the The Hope Award

The Hemophilia Federation of America congratulates and applauds the good works of  Barbara Dittrich, Executive Director of Snappin’Ministries for becoming one of 3 semi-finalist for the The Hope Award. Barbara started the support group when her son Charlie was born in 2002 with Hempohilia. We wish her all the best with her ministry and look forward to hearing more about her successes. Barbara states that there are a couple of errors to note in the article, “We didn’t start the ministry because of stem-cell research and we don’t infuse Charlie with blood but for the most part, it really captures the flavor of what we do.” Barbara heads to Dallas, TX this week where she will receive a $5,000 gift to the ministry with the potential to receive another $5,000 as the grand prize winner.     For the article written about Barbara and Snappin Ministries, click here.