CSL Behring Announces Discontinuation of Mononine Coagulation Factor IX

CSL Behring issued the following statement to patient advocacy groups:

“CSL Behring is focused on delivering breakthrough therapies to improve patients’ lives and meet the changing needs of our patients. Since CSL Behring’s introduction of MONONINE® Coagulation Factor IX (Human) in 1992, advancements have been made for the treatment of Hemophilia B.  Over time, patients have transitioned from older therapies to newer, next generation treatment options, and very few patients currently remain on MONONINE in the US.  Accordingly, we are discontinuing MONONINE.
CSL Behring is proactively notifying customers of this discontinuation to provide ample lead-time for Healthcare Professionals and MONONINE patients to select a new Factor IX treatment option.  Based on current supply, CSL Behring expects to have MONONINE available until at least mid-2021.
We understand this news may be challenging for the patients who remain on MONONINE.  We encourage MONONINE patients to talk with their Healthcare Professional soon to discuss alternate treatment options.  In addition, CSL Behring offers a medical information call center 1-800-504-5434, Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM ET for patients or Healthcare Professionals that have medical questions.”