Dear Addy: 340B Programs

Dear Addy_March

Dear Addy,
The specialty pharmacy that I have to use through my insurer doesn’t carry my preferred brand of factor so I have to go through the prior authorization process to get my factor. My hemophilia treatment center (HTC) does not have a 340B program but I know of another HTC that does and they carry my brand of factor. When I contacted this other HTC, they told me that I had to be a patient at that HTC in order to get my factor through their 340B program. Is this really true?
Amelia, Hemophilia B
Dear Amelia,
The simple answer is yes, it is true. This is required by law. In order to use an HTC’s, or any eligible entity’s 340B program, you must be a “qualified patient.” Basically, a qualified patient must have a relationship with a 340B-eligible entity (an HTC, for example). The entity in question must maintain records of the patient’s care, and the patient must receive healthcare services from a provider employed or contracted by the entity. There really is no wiggle room in the law, but changes are on the horizon to potential expand the definition of a qualified patient. We will keep you posted!

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