Dear Addy: Back To School

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Dear Addy,
We moved to a new state for my job. What is the best way to explain my son’s hemophilia to the school? I am worried about how to handle teaching the school about his hemophilia. I want them to know how they can support and help him to prevent bleeds and I want them to know what to do when bleeds or other accidents happen.
New School Blues
Dear School Blues,
Congratulations on your new job. There are many adjustments that your family will have to make and HFA is here to help you with this one. HFA has posted on our website, tools intended to help you educate the educators and relieve some of the stress and worry of enrolling your child in a new school. The toolkit includes presentations, downloads and links to other resources.  All these items can be found individually in the HFA Resource Library as well:
Some of the features of this toolkit include

Please go to the Back to School Toolkit to find these tools and many others here. The National Hemophilia Federation has a good article on the subject, too. Best of luck.
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