Dear Addy: Fundraising

Dear Addy_MayDear Addy,

I really want to be able to help raise awareness of, and funds for the bleeding disorders community. I don’t know what I could do to get people to donate. Please help me!

Dear Proud,
The best way to raise bleeding disorders awareness, and in turn raise funds to support HFA or other organizations that support the bleeding disorders community, is by sharing your personal story. Let potential donors know how HFA or another organization supports you or your family member with a bleeding disorder. Donors want to have a personal connection with the causes to which they give. Donors often want to hear an honest, emotional appeal for why they should give their time and/or money, and who better to give that than you?
Secondly, there are multiple ways a donor can get involved at different levels, different events, fund raising campaigns, and volunteer events. Take a look at the HFA’s Programs & Services page to familiarize yourself with what we do to support and advocate for the community. Share this with others as part of your fundraising efforts to show that their donation will be put to good use. A great example of how donor dollars directly support those in need is our Helping Hands program.
Please feel free to reach out to us for more ideas and support. HFA is happy to equip you with the tools and confidence you need to make a difference. Thanks for your enthusiasm in supporting HFA! 

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HFA frequently receives questions from the bleeding disorders community related to advocacy issues. The questions often impact the entire community. In an effort to reach the largest audience possible with our responses to these widely applicable questions, HFA developed “Dear Addy.” Questions submitted to this column are edited in order to protect privacy and should be considered educational only, not individual guidance.