Dear Addy: Informed Voter

Dear Addy,

I’d like to become more informed about candidates’ positions on health reform issues for the next election. Can you recommend resources to find and compare information?


Informed Voter

Dear Voter,

Health reform will continue to be a critical issue for candidates in the coming years, as it was during the 2020, and 2018 elections. Most have prominently displayed health reform positions on their campaign websites (or official websites if they are already holding office). The major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, also publish their health reform positions on their respective websites.            

There are several non-partisan resources where you can go to compare the health reform positions of various candidates. For all political candidates, one of the most comprehensive is available on the website, OnTheLine. For Presidential candidates, other non-partisan comparisons are available on Ballotpedia and Akin Gump. These resources offer insight into candidates’ positions on specific issues including prescription drug costs, medical marijuana, mental health, and others, as well as key points to be aware of (i.e. voting record).

Many major news outlets also maintain webpages comparing the health reform positions of Presidential candidates, such as Politico and NPR.

Keep these resources handy as campaigns ramp up prior to the election!



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