Dear Addy: Veteran’s Health Care

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Dear Addy,
Will the ACA [Affordable Care Act] affect military insurance for active duty and retirees?
A Curious Veteran
Dear Veteran,
The ACA will not affect active duty military or veterans who are enrolled in either TRICARE or the Veteran’s health care program. If you are not enrolled in TRICARE or the Veteran’s health care program, you can purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace). As a veteran, if you do not have VA health care, visit the VA health care website. You may learn that you qualify for VA coverage.
If you are covered by a VA health care program, make sure your dependents are covered under this program. You may have dependents who are not eligible for a VA health care program. Should this be the case, your dependents may use the Marketplace to get coverage.
Please note that TRICARE’s young adult coverage option is different from the Affordable Care Act’s health coverage for children under 26. The age of eligibility, certain benefits, and other details differ. Check here for more information.
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