Infusing Love: The Holidays Are Coming

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The holidays are right around the corner. Ask any mom of a child with hemophilia and we will all attest to the same thing – with holidays come bleeds! There is no medical explanation for this crazy phenomenon, but sure seems true for many. For us, it always started with Halloween and lasted until the New Year. I’m not sure if it is the added excitement, the added stress, the company from out of town, the inability to pay close attention to your child, or just some other weird vibe that happens during this time. Hemophilia clinics will all tell you to order your factor in plenty of time for the holiday delivery. I think what they really mean is ‘get ready for your holiday bleeds.’
We frequently would offer to have the holiday gathering at our home when our son, Michael, was young. We knew it would be easier on him and us when the dreaded holiday bleed occurred. We eventually just learned to roll with the punches. We knew it was coming and we all just got prepared. I remember when Michael was probably six or seven-years-old saying to me one morning, “Hey mama, why don’t you just not tell me when my birthday party is? That way I won’t know when it is and maybe my mind won’t tell my body to have a bleed!” Birthdays go along with holidays when it comes to these special bleeds!
Occasionally, we would have the “minor holiday” bleed like Fourth of July, Easter or Memorial Day. We frequently spent the Fourth of July holiday with family at the lake. This was one of Michael’s favorite places to go; he loved his aunt and uncle. When he was eight years old, he was recovering from recent knee surgery followed by a fractured leg (not a good year for him) e honestly thought we would have to cancel our July 4th ritual but Michael really wanted to go. Michael’s aunt and uncle’s house had many stairs to climb to access the home. We all put our heads together to make it happen. Michael was in a wheelchair. We drove to the nearest loading dock for boats. We pushed him up the cement loading dock. He was then on a sidewalk that went all the way around the lake and right in front of the house. The Fourth of July celebration was on. Getting into the boat was another story…I will save that one for another time!
So happy upcoming holidays to all. Be happy and be prepared and just roll with the punches!
Karen, her husband George, and her adult son, Michael, live in Ohio.
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