Joint Statement on Recall of VONVENDI Lots

Takeda announced the recall of two lots of VONVENDI vonWillebrand factor (recombinant) 1,300 I.U. vials on February 25, 2020. HFA and NHF recognize that recalls can be very unsettling for many in the bleeding disorders community.
We are in communications with Takeda to obtain additional detailed and timely information regarding the events that led up to the recall, as well as Takeda’s plans for publicizing and accomplishing the recall. As has been our past practice (and consistent with the principles articulated at the January 2020 Safety Summit), HFA and NHF commit to keeping the bleeding disorders community informed as we gather further information.
On February 27th, HFA and NHF submitted a letter to Takeda focusing on preliminary questions regarding the recall. You can read the HFA-NHF letter here. When we receive Takeda’s response, we will share with the bleeding disorders community.
The patient organizations’ February 27th letter is only the first step in continuing communications among HFA, NHF, and Takeda. HFA and NHF will keep the bleeding disorders community informed as information is gathered.
Please note that NHF and HFA do not recommend, endorse or make any representation about the efficacy, appropriateness or suitability of any specific products, treatments, or opinions. If you have any questions or concerns about your medical treatment, including your possible exposure to recalled product, please consult your physician.