Items Reimbursement assists individuals in the bleeding disorders community with the cost of medically necessary items. HFA understands the enormous financial impact of managing a bleeding disorder and provides this assistance to the community. Items reimburses community members for durable medical equipment and items including:
• Protective Gear
• Braces and Supports
• Walking Supports
• Heating/Cooling Items
• Medical IDs
• Fitness Support

Approved List of Items

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Eligible households must include at least one member with a diagnosed bleeding disorder
  • Must be able to provide proof that requested item is medically necessary for the care or management of diagnosed bleeding disorder
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Steps To Apply:

  • Step 1: Complete a Helping Hands application online. Applications can be received from the head of household or a professional representative in the bleeding disorders community (e.g. healthcare provider, homecare/specialty pharmacy, local bleeding disorder organization) 
  • Step 2: Obtain written documentation showing proof of diagnosed bleeding disorder from a healthcare provider (e.g. doctor, nurse, physical therapist)
  • Step 3: Obtain written documentation from a healthcare provider (e.g. doctor, nurse, physical therapist) stating the specific reason for the request and how it will support the patient’s bleeding disorder treatment. Applicants can also utilize this medical verification form. 
  • Step 4: Provide a copy of item invoice/detailed receipt for reimbursement
  • Step 5: Once the application and all documentation are received, Helping Hands Program Coordinator will contact the applicant to verify approval of item. This process is generally completed within 30 days.

Helping Hands Application Form 


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