Financial Management

Whether you have a bleeding disorder yourself or are a caregiver to someone with a bleeding disorder, you may find yourself in a position of having “more months than money” or struggling to create savings for unexpected expenses. This list includes financial planning resources about money basics, saving and spending plans (budgeting), debit and credit, increasing income, reducing expenses, and red flags to look out for.
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FINANCIAL RESILIENCE CENTER Financial Resilience Center offers tips for money management plus information about stimulus funds, employment, unemployment, public benefits, money management, housing, food, and more. Users can get free financial counseling or coaching.employment, government benefits, housing, utilities, food, healthcare, mental health, taxes, identity theft, unemployment
CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU Financial Protection Bureau provides information, steps, and tools for various financial topics.
o Financial Empowerment Toolkit:
o Behind on Bill Guide:
o Guide to Building Emergency Fund:
o Savings Booklet:
credit, debt, education, planning, budget
FINANCIAL RESILIENCE CENTER FROM THE NATIONAL DISABILITY INSTITUTE Financial Resilience Center provides trips for money management as well as information about employment, unemployment, public benefits, money management, housing, food, and more. A partnership with LifeCents gives you access to free online financial wellness training, while AFCPE offers you free professional financial counseling.employment, housing, food, taxes, unemployment
- HFA provides information about employment rights, job searching, career planning, and financial management.
education, employment, planning provides insights and tools for common money topics like banking, spending and saving, loans, credit cards, investing, and more.
- Guide for Budgeting:
education, credit, loans, savings, banking, budget, investing
Empower provides free investment tracking, financial management, and wealth management, investing
QUICKEN – BUDGET CALCULATOR provides a free calculator that will help you put together a budget by categorizing expenses, reviewing where your money goes, realizing your goals, and creating an emergency plan.budget, planning
YOU NEED A BUDGET (YNAB) offers budgeting tools at a cost but has free information on their website.
- The Four Rules for Successful Budgeting
- Free Workshops on budgeting, overspending, credit cards, and creating a debt paydown plan:
budget, planning, debt
FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION’S CONSUMER INFORMATION Trade Commission provides the ins and outs on how to fix your credit
- 800-388-2227
- The National Foundation of Credit Counseling provides the opportunity to speak with a nonprofit debt relief agent on how to best work on getting out of debt.
CREDIT KARMA Karma provides free credit score checks as well as personalized offers for credit cards and, planning
JOBS AND EDUCATION FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES provides information about employment resources, finding a government job, employment laws, and workplace harassment/discrimination. This website also includes information about educational programs for students with disabilities.employment, education
ABLE ACCOUNTS – NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER Accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. This website describes what they are, who’s eligible, and how to use them.planning
TIPS FOR DECREASING UTILITY BILLS AND SAVING MONEY Saves provides tips of ways you can make your home more energy efficient, as well as collaborating with your utility company to find known ways to save on your billsplanning
RENT-TO-OWN: COSTLY CONVENIENCE Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an article on how rent-to-own works and possible alternatives. If you need furniture, appliances, electronics, or tires and wheels, but don’t have the cash or credit to buy them outright, you may think a rent-to-own store is your last option. But buying on a rent-to-own plan can cost double or triple what you would pay for the item with cash, on layaway, or on an installment plan. planning, credit
PAYDAY LOANS: BEWARE OF THESE DANGEROUS LOANS The Balance outlines how Payday Loans work, why they’re dangerous, how to avoid them, and some alternatives.planning, credit
CATHOLIC CHARITIES Charities provide financial education and skill training. education, employment, planning, budgeting
SALVATION ARMY Army provides financial management trainings. education, courses and certifications
theSkimm page has resources related to money and finance. It includes an option to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, as well as links to helpful articles and videos covering a wide span of financial, budget, planning
Debt.org information about how payday loans work, reasons to avoid them, and what they could mean for, budget, planning
HomeLight - The Catch of Rent to Own Homes by Christine Bartsch written on December 27th, 2019. Includes information on two scenarios when Rent-to-Own could be beneficial but concerns to be aware of in most, budget, planning
Practical Money Skills Workbook put together by Visa to help you understand the basics of managing money wisely. Includes sections on Budgeting Basics, Online and Mobile Banking, Checking Accounts, Debit Cards, Savings Accounts, and Understanding Crediteducation
SkimmU, virtual event series designed to teach you crucial money