Brandywine Valley Hemophilia Foundation Scholarship

Funding Organization

Brandywine Valley Hemophilia Foundation


Stephen Steinmetz at




About the Scholarship

Brandywine Valley Hemophilia Foundation (BVHF) is pleased to make available a $2000.00 scholarship to an individual impacted by hemophilia or other significant bleeding disorder. Once chosen as the recipient, the scholarship will be renewed each year for four years as long as the individual remains in good academic standing. A check will be made payable to the educational institution and mailed to the recipient each year following verification of continuing education and an adequate academic record.

Any post-secondary educational opportunity will be considered for funding.

Who Can Apply

  • Any individual diagnosed with hemophilia or other significant bleeding disorders. Evidence of this diagnosis must be provided by your clinician or HTC.
  • Any individual whose immediate family member is attached to the hemophilia/bleeding disorder community. Evidence of this must be provided by your clinician or HTC..

Application Deadline: May 17, 2024
Notification of Acceptance: June 14, 2024

An application must be submitted that includes the following:

  • Application form
  • Essay
  • Personal References (one must be by an individual who can identify you in relation to hemophilia or other bleeding disorder and its impact on your life)
  • Evidence of diagnosis through clinician or HTC
  • Record of academic transcript (if applicable)

Open the application in Adobe Acrobat to fill out and email to BVHF. Acrobat is a free program that you can download from Adobe. You can also print the application and mail to BVHF.

Download Application

Mail to:
Stephen Steinmetz, Scholarship Committee
Brandywine Valley Hemophilia Foundation
Box 355, Unionville, PA 19375
or email to: Stephen Steinmetz at,
or call: 610-235-1229

We know these past months have been enormously difficult for students trying to complete courses and create an academic path forward. We recognize your steadfastness and hope the availability of this scholarship makes that quest easier.

Please don´t hesitate to contact Stephen or Ann via the emails provided above, with any questions you might have regarding the application process.

All of us at Brandywine Valley wish you much luck in your future academic pursuits.